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Navalny Against Putin

Poison, intrigues and corruption in Putin's Russia

Poison, intrigues and corruption in Putin’s Russia

«The hour X of the contemporary Russia starts at dawn on August 20th, 2020, when Alexey Navalny loses consciousness and falls on the carpet of the corridor of a low-cost plane in the sky of Siberia». This could be the date of the beginning of the end of Vladimir Putin’s personal power in Russia. The whole world knows by now that Navalny was poisoned by a nerve agent from the Soviet military laboratories, the Novichok. But the fact that he survived changes everything, and legitimizes those who are convinced that this misstep has triggered a series of reactions that will lead the Kremlin towards a road of no return. Today Navalny is not only a dissident, but a political leader and in some ways already a martyr. His legitimization in the eyes of the world could cost a lot to Putin, isolated in his bunker and surrounded by the inner circle that filters reality for him, while other internal powers try to replace him.

Anna Zafesofa

Journalist and top expert in Italy of Russia and Putin, after experiences with several Soviet and Italian newspapers, since 1992 she writes for La Stampa and is political analyst for Il Foglio and Linkiesta. Until 2004 she was a correspondent of the Turin daily in Moscow, since 2005 she lives and works in Italy. She was responsible for important books translated from Russian, such as I cinocefali and signed the afterword of In the First Circle by Aleksandr Solzenicyn (Voland, 2018).

  • Introduction: The witching hour
  • First Chapter: Hi, I’m Navalny
  • Second Chapter: From Winter to Spring
  • Third Chapter: Who is Mr. Putin?
  • Fourth Chapter: The “Grampa in the Bunker”
  • Fifth Chapter: The aesthetic of corruption
  • Sixth Chapter: Duck Generation
  • Seventh Chapter: A past that can’t be forgotten
  • Eight Chapter: Calling Putin an assassin

Anna Zafesova